Brian o hEadhra

Festival 2012
Brian 2

Brian o hEadhra is one of the best known and productive Scottish musicians of our time. He lives in Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands. Usually Brian performs with the Gaelic quartet Cruinn with Bruce MacGregor (violin) and Sandy Brechin (accordion) and with the trio MacGregor, Brechan & O hEAdhra. But Brian is also a very active Gaelic singer-songwriter, who regularly performs alone or with his wife Fiona Mackenzie, who is a well-known singer. Brian was also part of the successful folk band Anam, which stopped in 2005.

Brian participates at Liet International with the song Fathainn from his last album An t-Allt. The song is about the people from the island of Sint Kilda, the most remote of the Outer Hebrides, and their wanderings after leaving their beloved island. In the past Brian was also involved in Liet International as the organizer of Celtic songcontest Nos Ur in his hometown Inverness in 2008 and 2009.

You can find a clip and the songtext here.