Claudia Crabuzza & Claudio Gabriel Sanna

Festival 2012
Claudia Crabuzza & Claudio Gabriel Sanna

Claudia Crabuzza is a singer from Alghero (Sardegna), from the Catalan enclave in Italy. She was the singer and the leader of the all female band Chicimeca. With this band Claudia produced the records Barbari and Luce-Nur. Apart from Chicimeca Claudia was also involved in various other musical projects, such as the duo Violeta Azul. Claudio Gabriel Sanna is the founding father and leader of the band Calic. He also published a few solo albums Tirant lo rall (2005) and Terrer meu (2008). During the last year Crabuzza and Sanna collaborated in a project to promote the unique musical and literary legacy of the Algherian singer Pino Piras (19451/1989). Crabuzza and Sanna qualified for Liet International by winning song contest Suns in Udine. At Liet International 2012 they present a new composition, sang in the Catalan variety of Alghero (L´Alguer in Catalan).

You can find a clip and the songtext her.