Festival 2012

Enkore is a young Basque rockband from Bilbao. The band was created in 2009 in the neighbourhood of Rekalde. Until now Enkore produced two EPs (Multiplo Komunetako Txikiena and Zatitzaile Komunetako Handiena) and a single (Zer Garen). They already played at most venues of the Basque rock scene such as Laudio, Bilbao BBK Live, Gernika, Gasteiz and Bastida. Enkore has an incredible track record when it comes to winning prices. This year Enkore won the jury award of XX Gaztea Maketa Lehaketa. They also won Gaztia Maketa Lehiaketa 2010, Bilboko talde berrien lehiaketa (the best new band from Bilbao), Concurso de maquetas de Biakaia TV, Banden Lehia 2010, Concurso Nacional Barakaldo Pop-Rock 2010 and Leioa Pop-Rock 2011. The selection committee of Liet International chose their song Muxirik muxu for this years edition of European minority song contest Liet International 2012 in Xixón/Gijón. In this song Enkore is reinforced by the talented female singer Aiora Zea Mays, who usually sings with another band.

You can find a clip and the songtext her.