Festival 2012

Jonokognos is a Friulian singing folk rock band, which makes melodious songs with rhythmic sounds. The lyrics of their songs deal with subjects as friendship, marginalisation, love and hate. The band is composed of Luca D’Angela (voice and guitar), Simone Mariotti (guitar), Mauro Pontisso (bass), Luca Morassutti (percussion) and Stefano Locatelle (drums). The are part of the independent label Musiche Furlane Fuarte. In 2002 Jonokognos won the premio Friul for the best band of the year. Jonokognos produces two albums, Liendis and Discolcj, and several music videos. But the band prefers to play live. Their song Mai Mai (Never never) is according to followers of the Friulian music scene one of the best Friulian songs of the last years.

You can find a clip and the song text here.