Call for new songs Liet International 2020

On Friday 4 and Saturday 5 April 2020 the Danish city Apenrade/Aabenraa will host the 13th edition of European minority language song contest Liet International, the song contest for singers and bands who sing in a European regional or minority language, already since 2002. After twelve previous editions in Friesland, Swedish Sápmi, Brittany/Breizh (France), Udine in Italy, Xixón/Gijón in Spain, Oldenburg in the northern part of Germany and Kautokeino in the north of Norway and Friesland Liet International will go to Denmark.

Therefor the organisation calls upon bands, singers and cultural organisations throughout Europe to submit their new songs in a regional or minority language for the 13th edition of our song contest. The song contest will this year consist of 20 singers or bands who represent European regions where a minority language is being spoken and sung. Bands or artists are invited to send in newly composed music and lyrics in any of the lesser used, regional or minority languages in Europe until 31 October 2019. The organisation of Liet International 2020 aims to announce the selection of the songs for Liet International 2020 in november 2019.

In previous contests, we have had songs in languages such as Arbëresh, Asturian, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Cornish, Corsican, Faroese, Frisian, Friulian, Gaelic, Galician, Karelian, Low German, Manx, Meänkieli, Mordvinian, North Frisian, Occitan, Romani, Sámi, Sorbian, Udmurtian, Vepsian, Votian and Welsh. The last edition in Leeuwarden was won by band The Rowan Tree from Cornwall with a song in Cornish.

The winners of the Frisian song contest Liet 2019 (17 November 2019) is automatically selected for participation in Liet International 2020. As well is the winner of the Sámi Grand Prix in Kautokeino, Norway. This means that there are 18 open places for all other minority languages of Europe. The selection process is done by a small and completely independent selection jury in November 2019. Qualification criteria for the committee are the following: quality and uniqueness of song and music, linguistic, geographical and musical diversity, gender and age. The lyrics ánd music should be new or newly written and composed, so-called traditional songs are not accepted.

The singers/groups chosen will be invited to take part in the contest. Liet International encourages participants to seek financial support for the travels expenses from the nation they represent, or seek other possibilities. We only take care of accommodation and meals.

The panel of judges comprises of representatives from each participating region. It is also our intention to arrange a live broadcast on the radio and the internet. We also intend to register the event for television. The song contest has become one of the largest events for the promotion of minority languages and usually attracts a lot of media attention.

Please send an e-mail to for the application form. If you have any questions, please use the same e-mail address.

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