Pavel Aleksandrov & Dmitry Yakimov

Pavel did not attend kindergarten, but instead, together with grandmother, he went to rehearsals of a folklore ensemble. At that early age he started to like the Udmurt folk music. As a child he was surrounded with an amazing musical atmosphere: Udmurt folklore songs performed by his grandmother and at the same time Depeche Mode at the radio. Much later he graduated from Music College majoring as conductor of an academic choir. Now he is studying at the Conservatory. He wants to dedicate his life to the study and preservation of the Udmurt folklore.

Dmitry’s music career started at 7 years, when he started at a music school. He played the piano and bajan. When he was 13 years, he started playing on the guitar and bass guitar in several music groups. Now, he is a professional musician & arranger. He went on tour in Spain, Finland, China and several Russian cities and festivals. He participated in Liet International 2012 with the band Ivan Belosludtsev & 4 CP.

Pavel and Dmitry will perform the song “Ваньмыз ортче” (“Everything will pass”), which Pavel wrote, in Udmurt.