Ruben Semmoh & Romeo Sumter

Ruben is a singer/songwriter and also the frontman/leadsinger/ guitarist/bandleader of the Afro- Carib Ensemble. He was born in Paramaribo the capitol of Suriname. At the age of 15, he moved to The Netherlands and studied music at the Jazzconservatorium in Rotterdam. As a singer/songwriter in search of his roots, he started playing Kawina music. This is traditional music from Suriname, played by the slaves during slavery in Suriname. He was challenged by the idea of composing and playing songs in this genre. A collaboration with different styles (latin, jazz, funk, classic and pop) resulted in a unique sound, groove and feel. This is the origin of the song “Saka Na Pin” (“Heal the pain”), song in Sranan Tongo or Surinamese.

He will be accompanied by friend and colleague musician Romeo Sumter. Romeo is a well-known percussionist in Holland and in Suriname. He masters various percussion instruments. His skills for afro-rhythms are phenomenal. Together, as a vocal-percussion duo, they want to perform a power full, romantic and traditional song that will take the audience to the beautiful country called Suriname.