Regulations for submission
Your sound recording is an original song in one of the regional or minority languages in Europe, with a maximum of 4 minutes. On the date of the final, the song cannot be published more than two years. You are accompanying yourself or you have musicians to accompany you. The recording should be comparable with your final podium presentation.

The recording needs to have reasonable quality, in order for the selection jury to get a good impression of the song and the band/artist. It doesn’t need to be studio quality, but the jury needs to be able to listen to the song and judge it on musicality, text and composition.

Participants present themselves as a solo artist or as a band by using a sound recording of the song. The recording will be uploaded (mp4) when registering. The registration takes place on the website of Liet International, by filling out the registration form completely and attach all the requested documents.

The uploaded songs will be judged by a selection jury. The selection jury does this on the basis of the following criteria:
– the quality of the music;
– the quality of the text;
– uniqueness/innovation of the song;
– linguistic, geographical and musical diversity;
– gender and age;
– the general impression of the submission.

When enough submissions, the selection jury will make a selection. A maximum of 13 acts will be allowed to enter Liet International 2022. The winner of the Frisian song contest Liet 2021, a contestant representing the German minority in Denmark, a contestant representing the Frisian minority in Germany and a contestant representing the Danish minority in Germany are automatically selected for participation in Liet International 2022. This means that there are 9 open places for all other minority languages of Europe.

The organisation will not pay wages for the performance(s). And travel costs will have to be paid by the participants themselves. However, the organisation takes care of the accommodation, meals, production, and publicity.

The line-up
The organisation of Liet International is responsible for the line-up.

The participants will be consulted about which instruments are needed, which they can bring themselves and if all the wishes about additional instruments can be granted.

Soundchecks/rehearsals will be on 11-13 May 2022, so take into account your travel time.

Overall winner: An expert jury will judge the performances during Liet International 2022 taking into account the above-mentioned criteria + the stage performance as an extra criterium.
Best song text: The expert jury elects the best song text.

Overall winner: 3.000 EUR
Best song text: 500 EUR

The participants agree that the organisation in Denmark and the owner of Liet International, Stifting Liet ’91 in the Netherlands, can use the audio and film recordings made on 13 May 2021 without any additional rights, for publicity purposes. Including the recordings of the songs that are submitted at registration.
The information given by de participants at registration, can also be used for publicity purposes, for instance at the social media channels of Liet International.

The participants declare and guarantee that the texts and/or compositions do not infringe the rights of third parties.

The organisation in Denmark and the board of Stifting Liet ’91 have the final responsibility for any of the (abovementioned) components of the final of Liet International 2022. Regarding the result, no discussion is possible.