Inger Karoline Gaup

Festival 2012
Inger Karoline Gaup

Inger Karoline Gaup is a talented young Sámi singer from the village of Masi in Finnmark in the north of Norway. In spite of her 17 years Inger Karoline already has an impressive track record. In 2011 she reached the second place at the annual Sámi Grand Prix in Kautokeino with her love song Don dat leat. This year she won the Sámi song contest with the song Oainnát go? (Do you see?) and of course she will play this song at Liet International 2012 in Asturies. Inger Karoline was also invited to perform for king Harald V of Norway during the visit of the royal family of Monaco. Inger Karoline got first noticed two years ago, when she participated in the youth competition Riddu Nasties of the famous Riddu Riddu festival. Her song Olmmáivuohta (Friendship) became a hit on the Sámi Radio and still gets a fair amount of airplay.

You can find a clip and the songtext her.