UKAN is a rock and baroque, moved and timeless character, arisen from Kevin Ruellan’s imagination. His universe is between Led Zeppelin (concert film “The song remains the same”, 1973), Stanley Kubrick (movie “Barry Lindon”, 1975) and Philip K. Dick (movie “Ubik”, 1969).

The music, clearly influenced by the English rock of the 70′s – category “vintage of luxury” (Genesis, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd) – wears texts of a big melodic and poetic efficiency. As Michel Preumont wrote in his Concerts Review: “Arrangements searched for a rock arty, who can remind Magma, seen the tones Kobaïa of the Breton language.”

At Liet International 2017, UKAN consists of Kevin Ruellan, Louise Robard, Camille Carte, Charles Lucas and Eric Duchant. They will perform the song “Den ebet all” (“No one else”), in Breton.