Liet International 2024 in Corsica

On Friday 22nd of November 2024, Bastia will host the 14th edition of Liet International, the European minority language song contest for singers and bands who sing in a European regional or minority language, created in 2002. After thirteen previous editions in Friesland (The Netherlands), Sápmi (Sweden), Brittany/Breizh (France), Udin/Udine (Italy), Xixón/Gijón (Spain), Oldenburg (northern part of Germany), Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino (Norway), Ljouwert/Leeuwarden (Friesland, the Netherlands) and Tønder/Tondern (Denmark), Liet International will visit Corsica for the first time.

Cità di Bastia (the municipality of Bastia) is looking forward to host Liet International 2024, in
partnership with the Corsican regional authorities (CDC – Culletività di Corsica) and France 3 Corse ViaStella, the local TV network, branch of France Télévisions, in charge of the live broadcast of the show in Centru Culturale Alb’Oru. For Cità di Bastia, it seemed only natural to host such an event, considering its implication in the preservation, defense and spreading of Corsican language through its cultural policy as well as in every aspect of daily life. In December 2022, the municipality unveiled the “Casa di e lingue” (House of languages), a space dedicated to the learning and practicing of multiple languages, the first of its kind in Corsica.

In 2024 13 acts will be invited to Corsica, to perform on Friday 22nd of November in Bastia on the stage of CC Alb’Oru. Therefore the organization calls upon bands, singers and cultural entities throughout Europe to submit their new songs in a regional or minority language for the 14th edition of our song contest. Bands or artists are invited to send in newly composed music and lyrics in any of the lesser used, regional or minority languages in Europe until July 1st 2024 in order to announce the selection of songs for Liet International 2024 by the end of July 2024. In previous contests, songs were performed in languages such as Arbëresh, Asturian, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Cornish, Corsican, Faroese, Frisian, Friulian, Gaelic, Galician, Karelian, Low German, Manx, Meänkieli, Mordvinian, North Frisian, Occitan, Romani, Sámi, Sorbian, Udmurtian, Vepsian, Votian and Welsh. The winner of the last edition in Tønder/Tondern (Denmark) were the Corsican musician Doria and her band. The audience award was won by Emanuele Pintus from Sardinia.

The winner of the Frisian song contest Liet 2023, Melissa Pander, and a contestant representing the German minority in Denmark, are automatically selected for participation in Liet International 2024. In the same manner, a contestant from Corsica will be selected but musicians from Corsica are asked to apply to the general call for songs. Other spots are open for all other minority languages of Europe. The selection process will be led by a small and completely independent jury. Qualification criteria for the committee are the following: quality and uniqueness of song and music, linguistic, geographical, and musical diversity, gender and age. The lyrics and music have to be new or newly written and composed.

The singers/bands chosen will be then invited to take part in the contest. Liet International strongly encourages participants to seek financial support for the travel expenses from the nation they represent or seek other possibilities for funding. The organization will only take care of accommodation and meals. The panel of judges comprises of a selection of experts on music and regional and/or minority languages. The show will be broadcasted live on TV and/or the internet and also recorded. The Liet International song contest has become one of the largest events for the promotion of minority languages and usually attracts a lot of media attention.

To apply for Liet International 2024, you can fill out the application form her. Please read the regulations as well. The deadline for your application is July 1st 2024. Only fully completed applications will be taken into consideration by the selection jury. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to